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Assuming Falcon items are out of question.

EK is in the range of 350-400.

I thought UMH will maximize the outcome damage, but i wonder if i will be able to survive without a shield.

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UMH - Umbral Master Hammer

You will be able to survive with UMH on Walls, but it will be necessary to use Ultimate Health Potion or even Supreme Health Potion. Depends on what do you want - UMH will give you the best damage and the best EXP/h but it will lower your profit. To feel safest you would need to use Mace of Destruction (lower EXP, better profit and safety). You can also try something in the middle, Hammer of Destruction.

If you decide to use UMH, you make imbuing for critical and mana leech. Other weapons have 3 slots, so you can fill it with life leech.

Other equipment (based on that, that falcon items are out of question):

Gnome Shield (fire protection imbued)

Cobra Hood with mana leech and skill imbued (eventually Zaoan helmet with mana leech or Demon Helmet with mana leech and skill imbued)

Fabulous or Ornate Legs

Ornate Chestplate (if you don't feel safe, imbue it with fire protection)

Depth Calcei

Use also plasma ring and amulet, and if it will get dangerous, put on prismatic ring and werewolf amulet.

This should make you feel good solo on walls. I hope I could help!

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I'll answer this based on my knowledge as a knight, and assuming no Falcon Item is available.

  • Helmet: image Cobra Hood would be the best option by far due to the skill boost and 5% Physical defense. But it can be quite expensive, a cheaper but weaker option is the Dwarven Helmet . Imbuement: Mana Leech and +4 Club Skill
  • Armor: image  Ornate Chestplate. Imbuement: Life Leech + Fire Protection
  • Legs:  Fabulous Legs is the best option due to the skill boost and fire protection, but a  Ornate Legs can be an option if Fabulous Legs is too expensive
  • Boots: image Depth Calcei
  • Ring: Club ring
  • Amulet Collar of Red Plasma 
  • Extra Slot:  Shining Sun Catcher, for the extra fire defense

Ok, I left shield and weapon as last because I want to explain my thoughts here first:

  1. Walls is not a place with an extremely high damage output, the damage you will take is ok, can be handled by a level 350-400
  2. There is no mana drain in Walls (this is extremely important)
  3. There is no paralyze, so no need to waste extra mana on Haste
  4. The monsters don't run away, so no need to waste mana on exeta res
  5. Draken Spellweavers are weak to Physical damage, 110% to be precise
  6. Your damage output is the most important thing at walls, because they die fast

What is the conclusion of those 6 points? There is no need to use 2x Mana Leech in walls!! Therefore, the best weapon choice is:

  • Weapon:  Umbral Master Hammer. Imbuements: Life Leech + Critical
  • Shield: None

Important tips when hunting like this:

  1. Always start a pull with a decent amount of mana
  2. Before you use your spell, let your character hit the creature with the Auto Attack, otherwise you will lose 1 turn of attack (this is the most important tip)
  3. Always use auto attacks on Draken spellweaves, due to the extra Leech (they take 110% physical damage )

If you follow this, you will be able to hunt walls with maximum exp and you won't increase your waste, because you won't need to use extra HP pots, since you will still be hunting with 2x Life Leech.