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I was wondering about this charm. I believe that in certain conditions (where you have to grind several monsters that you can face without many dangers in respawns with long corridors or floors) this particular charm can be excellent because adding speed would theoretically make you reach every single monster faster. I was thinking specifically about situations where you have many monsters in a very sparse area available to you.

You don't wanna waste so much time moving to hunt and getting boxed, so maybe it can be an interesting one for people willing to add more speed to their hunt in order to amass more profit or experince during hunting sessions. How it works in practice?

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Indeed, there are places that you might consider getting this charm


Netherworld (Using it on creature  Mean Lost Soul or Flimsy Lost Soul)


Roshamuul (Using it on creature  Silencers)

Thais (Using it on creature Rat or Cave Rat)

Carlin ( Using it on creature Bug)
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oh nice! A pvp use? I didn't think about that. Maybe I will do a question about pvp and charms in the future!