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I lvl'd up my Rp during double exp weekend, I managed to get to lvl 95.

Now I'm a bit stuck on what's the best hunting spots for me. I want to get decent exp. Big plus if i'd go profit, but I got cash to waste :P Would be nice to get "killing in the name of" tasks done but that's not necessary ^^
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I would say Muggy Plains Lizards, good loot, good exp and a task for Killing in the name of... Also 2 bestiary entries in Lizard Legionnaires and High Guards and a little bit on Zaogun and Dragon Priests.

You need to have completed 8 missions of the New Frontier quest to get there tho (before completing Mortal Kombat).
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If You want power gaming woth fast exp i recomend:

Lamassu + sphinx (solo should be more than 1.2kk exp/h) = issavi, go with energy rong until You feel save enought to hunt on hp (personally i started after 150lvl but... I used to it and probably You can start faster.

Grim Repaers (I wasnt hunting them on such low lvl but it should be same on issavi or little bit more) = personally i prefer Yalahar one, go fond single big crypt on -2 and hunt with fire walls/bombs.

Dragon Lords (~1kk and safe chilling exp) = on fenrock everybody respect letters and its decent hunting area for Your lvl.

Grimville = especialy with full th on -4 (on full th - 4 I was having 1.2kk on lvl 90-105)

Edron were caves = especialy with ms or ed for th with plenty of gfb or ava. (same exp as on grimville but You dont need ek)

On 100+ everybody will recomend You lava lurkers for exp. But it's very often occupied by dominando or other players.

Probably i missed something but after few hunts on this places You will reach highter lvl to ask for new places for 130+ or more :)

Btw. If Youre looking for a profit there will be nothing better than:

Mota Furies = my top1 from 80 to even 150+lvl

Braindeaths Liberty Bay = this is also very good place to make bestoary when hunting (gazers, bonelords, elder bonelords, braindeaths).

Profit will be slightly weaker then on furies (exp probably too but i'm not sure) exp should be 0.6kk to 0.8kk.