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Who are the Wizards mentioned in the The Colours of Magic event?

I know the three wizards are Furb of Fun, Feiz of Power and Fern of Nature, but there is more lore about these three wizards?

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There are rumors that Furb of Fun is a Mad Mage from Edron (the one who drops Mage's Cap), Feiz of Power is a Raging Mage from Zao (the one who drops elemental spikes). To complete this rumor we are missing green mage which is Fern of Nature.


I did more research and I have found more stuff (Thanks @shawtay for asking for source). So I have found book - The Three Wizards which has more detailed lore about them. Regarding theory about Raging Mage and Mad Mage we can read inside the book:

Mad Mage: "Furb of Fun created a magic device, capable of conducting this stream of force to Feiz." - at his place we can see some strange machines and servants, which can help conducting stream.
Raging Mage: "
Feiz was bending the planes of time and the laws of the whole physical realm of Tibia to form and sustain the vessel." - we can meet him on top of a building where teleport is placing us at strange realm which if full of extra dimensional creatures named yielothax, so this place seems to be the one from the book.

We can read also in this book that Fern loved Zaoan chess, so this book proves this rumor is real, but now question is - who is Fern of Nature?

Book can be found at Thais Sorcerer Library

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Whats your source?
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I have put an edit to my answer, thank you for asking, I did more research thanks to your question