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In March, this event will take place on every Tibia World. What is it about and how can I participate in order to get good rewards from it? Do I need friends to get a color and help them? How can I organize myself on it to participate on it adequately?

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Spoilers of the event:

The Colours of Magic (English)

The Colours of Magic (Portuguese)

The Colours of Magic (Spanish)

Getting the Envelope from the Wizards.gif Envelope from Wizards

The most easy areBat.gif Bats at the suth of the city.

Follow the Blue Line.

Go down in the stairs.

In this small cave you can face like 20 Bat.gif Bats.

Creatures on the way:

Wolf.gif Wolf

Minotaur.gif Minotaur

You can take one Envelope from the Wizards.gif Envelope from the Wizards with every character or better use you main character to farm a lot of this items and just pass to the others characters.

Using the colors

Use the Envelope from the Wizards.gif Envelope from the Wizards to get a Strange Blue Powder.gif Strange Blue Powder Strange Yellow Powder.gif Strange Yellow Powder or Strange Red Powder.gif Strange Red Powder. Use on yourself and use the rest of Strange Powder in other player (If the Strange Powder don't disappear after using it on other character, you need use it in another different.). When you use your color in another character you gonna combined both colors and it paint you in one of three colors.

Strange Blue Powder.gif Strange Blue Powder + Strange Yellow Powder.gif Strange Yellow Powder = GREEN

Strange Yellow Powder.gif Strange Yellow Powder + Strange Red Powder.gif Strange Red Powder = ORANGE

Strange Red Powder.gif Strange Red Powder + Strange Blue Powder.gif Strange Blue Powder = PURPLE

The color gonna appear in your Server Log.

Getting the Zaoan Chess Box.gif Zaoan Chess Box

If you get GREEN go to Nathaniel.gif in Venore.

If you get ORANGE go to Friedolin.gif in Carlin.

If you get PURPLE go to Paulette.gif in Thais.

When you reach with the NPC (They can walk some steps from away from the location) of your color say:



You can claim just ONE Zaoan Chess Box.gif Zaoan Chess Box per character per all the life of character (Thats why you need delete it and create new one).

Bonus Points

You can accumulate points doing some actions every year.

  • 10+ points for marking yourself.
  • 10+ points for marking other players.
  • 5+ points for each 5 powder like: Strange Blue Powder.gif Strange Blue Powder (Depends of your final color) exchange to npc (Nathaniel.gifFriedolin.gif or Paulette.gif).
  • You can only get 30 points per event.
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To paticiate you first need to get a wizard letter for creatures and use the powder on you and the other part of the powder you use it on friend and your friend use his powder on you.

The wizard has 3 colors and you need to combine the colours first with the other player/friend to get your choosen wizard....

Orange (yellow/red powder) : 30% party bonus, drop of party items and better chance to create ice mammoth

Green (yellow/blue powder) : all potions has 10% more

Purple (red/blue powder) : all magic creatures has more 25% of exp, beserk potion and bullseye potion will increase to 7 and shield will be -8 and mastermind potion will increase 5.

To get the chess box you just say to any event npc the word “chess”
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wait, I think that we need points before. It has something to do with doing a color combination and then exchanging for chess pieces or even a chess box. I remember very vaguely about what I did years ago on this event, but I've never participated on it again
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For the chess box you only need to choose a wizard and the pieces you need points:
10 for marking yourself
10 for marking other players
5 for each powder exchange to npc
You can only get 30 points per event
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Nice! Now I am prepared for the event! :)
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World Rewards

Depends of what wizard won, your world receive one of the following rewards.