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I recently purchased a character and noticed that he already had 40 bonus points, though he never claimed the free chess item from the npc. I saw that in order to earn the True Colors achievement, you need to have participated in the event 3 times. Is there any way I can check how many times a character has participated in the event?

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True Colors is an achievement that you get when you participate in The Colours of Magic event three times (colors don't matter). During this event you're able to get points. The point system works like this:

  • When you join a wizard, you gain 10 bonus points.
  • When you tag someone else with a powder, you gain 10 bonus points.
  • When you hand ("Exchange") in 5 powders favoring your wizard to the wizard's representative you gain 1 bonus point. You can only do this 10 times (10 points).

There is a maximum of 30 bonus points per character per event. You also are allowed one Zaoan Chess Box per character one time only! You will just have to ask the representative of your color choice for it. There's no way to tell how many times you've done the event besides checking your points assuming you didn't hand them in or lose them you can kind of get an idea as to how many times you've completed the event. For example, if you joined a wizard (10 points) and then tagged someone with a powder (10 points) and you didn't end up handing in any powders or buying any chess pieces each event you would get 20 points. By the third event you would end up with 60 points. Either way, this event occurs twice a year March 15th–23rd and September 15th–23rd. I've tried to ask the NPCs to see how many times I've participated in the event but I was out of luck so my suggestion to you is, there's no rush and check your achievements to see if you've already gotten the True Colors or not. Source: (Tibia Fandom) The Colours of Magic

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Ahh I see. I was hoping there might be like an event tracker (similar to the quest tracker), or some information recorded in the Cyclopedia. I am still really new to all the new features (from the 8.6 era), so wasn't sure if some other method had been added.

Thanks for the clarification!