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The creatures encompassed by the world reward given by the purple wizard are literally every magical summoner? Even Orc Shamans or Bonelords? Creatures that summons but aren't "magical" are excluded (for example, Giant Spiders)? Is there some kind of full list about it?

Just asking because the purple color will probably win on my server, so I was wondering if there is some kind of full list with the monsters affected by the bonus.

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Actually, it was Uman from Tibia Royal who got this right for this question! I asked there on a news and he answered me with an official answer made by CM Mirade some time ago. I will post here a simplified list that I retrieved from Tibia Royal https://www.tibiaroyal.com/en/blog/431/colours-of-magic/

Official reply from Mirade with the list revealed (18/03/2019): https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=38631696#post38631696

As we had presumed wrongly earlier @Trululu Gumdrops, Demons or Fire Devils aren't present here, although we can call them spellcasters. Here is the full list available so far:

    Chakoya Windcaller
    Dworc Voodoomaster
    Barbarian Brutetamer    
    Dark Apprentice    
    Orc Shaman    
    Minotaur Mage
    Elf Arcanist    
    Dark Magician    
    Lizard Snakecharmer    
    Blue Djinn    
    Green Djinn    
    Dwarf Geomancer    
    Elder Bonelord    
    Ice Witch    
    Quara Hydromancer    
    Quara Hydromancer Scout    
    Deepling Spellsinger    
    Lizard Dragon Priest    
    Mad Mage    
    Lizard Magistratus    
    Diabolic Imp    
    Raging Mage    

Not really a bad list of choices if you ask me

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Awesome, thanks for finding this! It would be helpful to link to the official reply instead/additionally.
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Ops, good spot. I will edit the entry above with the official reply!
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As I know, there is no list of magic creatures, but this creatures all have two things in common, all atack from distance and use variety of spells to hurt you (Not like Minotaur Archer with psycal damage). So if the creature you think have this things I think is one of the magical creatures.
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But Feiz bonus includes even witches and such magical foes without summons? They actually highlight the factor that they need to be magical summoners. So I think that it is almost certain that Warlocks are there, but just being a magical damage dealer seems to be a pretty extensive list... Even demons or fire devils would be there if you think about (demons at least summon FE with them, but still). So I guess it should be a pretty big list of monsters affected.

I'm actually really interested on that. Many magical monsters are quite interesting to defeat if you are a knight with a two-handed weapon
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As I see, yes this creatures count as part of reward. I mean at the end summoning is just another spell attack and the list need be good to the players, not only few creatures.
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