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I remember seeing Gold Nuggets downstairs in Venore's bank depot and wondering.. how do you get this item and who owns them? Is there any history to the Gold Nuggets before they were introduced first in I believe Tibia's 20th Anniversary? Any rumors or stories you heard of please feel free to share.

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You had a chance of digging these up during Tibia's 20th Anniversary inside Vigintia's treasure hunting zone.

These existed in-game long before they were made obtainable during Tibia's 20th Anniversary. Rumour has it that someone with image image Key 0000 in his possession managed to steal them from the room in Venore back in the day, but that CipSoft knew about this and deactivated the key after taking the nuggets back.

Source: Gold Nugget Gold Nugget (Fandom English)

Also there are another two similar version of the item.

Part of the Grimvale Quest - The Curse Spreads.

Source: Gold Nuggets Gold Nuggets (Fandom English)

Can see it on Venore Corym Cave (With the Stonerefiner Stonerefiner).

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