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Recently a fansite item was chosen for TibiaPal 

> What is the name of this doll? 

> Who is the creator? 

> What is the history of this item?

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Hello, Endless Snow!

The name of the doll is Beaver of Wisdom.

The item was created during the "Fansite item creation contest" made by Tibiapal on 31th January and it was designed by Tirano Flamel, of Belobra.

According to himself, these were his inspirations:

"About my submission, I decided to create a beaver as suggested, and I decided to look for elements that referred to learning, research, creation, study and then, finally, I decided to create a scientist / alchemist Beaver, because one of the scientist's jobs is to research and to develop creations to facilitate and help people and, similarly, the tools that the fansite has, in my view, have, among others, the same purpose.

In the first stage I made him with the coat and his glasses with some lights around him, which would represent his creation being elaborated, in the transition these lights turn into a vial (which would represent the raw product of his creation), in the second stage the scientist beaver is with his vial and in the transition he drinks his creation, and when drinking, some numbers and mathematical elements come out of the vial, showing that that magic potion is related to increased intelligence or even math skills :p (it was the way I found to incorporate more mathematical elements into my creation)"

Tirano Flamel, on discord
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Hello, Akuma Nikaido! What a wonderful item and story! Thanks for sharing this information