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Winged Helmet When looking up the Winged Helmet it states in the Cyclopedia- "Description: It's the Helmet of Hermes"

  1. Who's Hermes?
  2. What's the history of the Winged Helmet?

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The winged helmet used to spawn many years ago the same as other rares (horned helmet, demon legs, tomes). They would respawn in certain quests once per map reset which occurred every 6~ months.  The winged helmet spawned in the Thais Lighthouse which is now the Dark Shield Quest.

Hermes is the Greek messenger god (he is also the god of god of roads, flocks, commerce, and thieves). He is often depicted having winged shoes and a winged helmet. 


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There is no story of the helmet in game? like why it spawned in this place or anything
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As far as I know there was no particular reason. CIP just chose new quests to add these items to. Like Horned helmet/Grey Tome in the now Bright Sword quest and Demon Legs/Blue Tome in Demon Helmet quest.
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