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I've always been puzzled by the description of the Golden Helmet. Why is it known as the Helmet of the Stars (HotS)?

You see a golden helmet (Arm:12).
Imbuements: (Empty Slot, Empty Slot).
It weighs 32.00 oz.
It's the famous Helmet of the Stars.

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Helmet of the stars was the old name of the item and after a update cipsoft deleted all helmet of the stars and created the golden helmet as a rare item since it was the same item they created a reference to old name like lots of old and rare items (just like the magic sword/ sword of valor or the enhanted plate/ magic plate armor)

Source : https://www.tibiaqa.com/9716/what-is-the-history-of-the-golden-helmet?show=9719#a9719

From that update onwards, the rare items were hard to come by. Maybe it was not as hard as it is today, but still a lot harder then before." 

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Is this correct it was the Helmet of the Stars before Golden Helmet? I am having trouble finding the line in this story that shows the reasoning for its name can you highlight the part and include it in your answer
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Well it is in the description of the golden helmet, the item itself tells you that “it is the helmet of the stars”!! But I can highlight from the story
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No, I know it's in the description. I want to know why it's also known as the Helmet of the Stars. What is the reasoning for it or the story behind that? Or how did you prove that it was once only named "Helmet of the stars" and not Golden Helmet?
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