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Thinking on all possibilities possible, like looting hatchets or sabers on dwarfs and orcs, respectively.

As an example, I was looking at some items for the exaltation forge and I noticed knife on Classification 2:

What are all the items that can be upgraded at the new Exaltation Forge and their classes? - TibiaQA

It seems a good idea to loot knife on Smugglers, since it is an abundant item when hunting this creature.

But getting Classification 1 weaponry can be pretty easy as well with a few lootbags, and you can get some low level tasks done while doing it (pirates or minos).

Any thoughts?

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Quick Headsup: remember there is a difference between "Tier" and "Classification"... I believe you are looking for Classification of the weapons (Classification 1, 2, 3 or 4). Tier is the "Level upgrade" the weapons get after forging/transfering them (1 - 10)
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Thanks, Smucker! Indeed, I was doing a mistake and making a confusion over these two distinct things.
I tried to correct the post. I am still learning about the Forge and couldn't have the time to test it by myself.

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To save time is better just buy it, by example.

Tier 1 items can be bought on the NPC like:


Battle Hammer




Tier 2 items cant be bought on the NPC but there is some easy to get from market on good price or looting like:

Beastslayer Axe

Dragon Hammer


Gill Coat (Easy buy a lot chep Major Crystalline Token)

The rest of Tiers 3 and Tier 4 need to much money to get a item up to level 3 or more.

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best one from those t2 is knife, totally underrated but worth every single penny.
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No it's not a good idea at all, I explain....

When you transfer a an item from Class 2 in Tier 2 you would lose 1 Tier in the process, 

That means is that you would upgrade an item to Tier 2 costing you min. 5,75kk plus resources and the cost of transfering 5kk

Also you will have to spend another min. 5kk plus resources to upgrade it again to Tier 2

Any item Class 2 is worth much less than all the money that is going to cost you doing that.

Also if you want upgrade a item Class 2 to Tier 2 the only way is  Fusion, Transferring is not possible.


You can't transfer Tier 1 it's only from Tier 2 that you can transfer to another item. (So you can't transfer Class 1 items)


What is a good idea?

Upgrade items from Class 1 to Tier 1


Trying to upgrade a Class 1 Item to Tier 1 only cost 25k plus resources

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I believe you are trying the concept of transferring Tier of cheaper item with Classifications 1 & 2 after fussing cheap items. 

Let's do calculations:

Scenario 1:

Let's take example of Knife (category 2).

Let's say you don't pay for the item (getting it for free). To bring him to category 2 you need at least 4 items, 200 dusts. If you are succesful you will pay at least 800,000 GP for the whole process. 

Now, you taking using Knife Tier 2 to transfer it on Demon Helmet you will need 100 dusts + 1 Exalted Core + 5,000,000 GRP to get Demon Helmet Tier 1. 

To get the Demon Helmet Tier 2 we have to repeat process. Resulting in 11,600,000 GP (at least.) + 500 dusts (at least) + 2 Exalted Core. - This is only when you are successful through whole process. 

Scenario 2:

Using Demon Helmets only:

You need 4 Demon Helmets + 200 dusts and only and 800.000 GP only if you are lucky and successful through whole process. 

So it really depends on what you planning to upgrade. Scenario 1 (transferring tier) requires lots of resources (dusts and Exalted Core....). If it is really expensive/ rare item- it might be safer option, however, it must be really significantly much more expensive.