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It seems that the transfer of tiers between items in the Exaltation Forge might be a "cheaper" and "easier" way to upgrade items... how does it work?

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In order to transfer a tier you would need:

  • A piece of equipment with Tier 2+ value
  • A piece of equipment you wish to get exalted
  • 100 dust
  • 1 exaltation core
  • A certain amount of money (calculated based on the item class)

Please, take into account both pieces of equipment need to have the same classification value. You can find the classification of an item by checking its description:

The resulting item from the transfer would not have the same value as the tier that you are transferring from but -1 its value. For example, if you want to transfer a tier 2 item to an item of the same class value, you will get a tier 1 item.

The following image was provided by Cipsoft:


Feel free to correct me if I am wrong!

Hope this was of help smiley