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Is the price changing depending on the equipment or perhaps the level of tier? How much does it cost?
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i really need this answer, yet so far i know:

class 1 t1:200k
class 2 t1: 750k

i think i read that those prices doesn't scale but i can't confirm it rn

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It depends on the class and the tier, being class 4 the most expensive to upgrade and the cost would increase with each tier.
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Why did my answer got a downvote? I was trying to help
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wasn't mine, but use comments when you want to add something that wasn't proper for a whole answer,
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I would go with any numbers you know so far to improve your answer. Simply because this can mean 2gp, 4k gp or anything higher…imagine you coming back to game and you trying to get price- for something which seems to be static in some places, and you get this answer.  Bit too generic - but I am sure you can improve it !
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Exactly, this answer still needs some work and research. We want numbers :)