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I just saw a video that a player spent approximately 10k dollars forging a +7 tier 4 item and than transfering to a soulbleeder. So I started wondering myself how much would it be necessary to spend in order to obtain a soul item +10.

I know that the lucky factor is strong so it is hard to estimate properly, but I'd like to know, in ideal conditions (no failing) and considering a medium price to the cheapest soulwar item (again, I know that this varies depending on which world you play, but let's take a medium value)

I searched some articles about the forge but didn't see anywhere the prices to forge itens tier 4 to +8, +9 or +10.

Can anyone give me some source so I can calculate it? (Or gimme already the calculations done). 'd appreciate that
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The no-failure result would be very easy to calculate if we knew the fees to fuse Tiers 8, 9 and 10, but we don't. We'll only know these numbers when someone tries to do it, so until then any calculations you see will be based on assumptions of these fees and likely inaccurate.
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Oh, I thought there was somewhere this info. Thanks for the answer, Lee
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The guys who make the first item tir 7 estimate a 250k dollars for a tier 10. BUT THEY SAY it can be more for differents variants.

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