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So, there are items that we can forge, there are types of items that we can't simply imbue, also seems to be that each kind of equipment usable on forge raise only one kind of buff, that bring us questions as followed:

Which equipment types can be upgraded?

Which buff can be applied to each equipment type?
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had to rework the whole idea.

Fixed, can unflag.

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Onslaught- image- through which an attack may deal 60% bonus damage, which is additive to critical hit


 Momentum, which grants a chance every two second to reduce all existing spell cool-downs by two seconds if the battle sign is present. This affects spell cool-downs and the secondary group cool-down,  but not primary group cool-downs. 



 Ruse, which provides a chance of completely avoiding damage from an attack. 


Items with expiry dates cannot be forged.