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Utura Gran / Intense Recovery, is it worth to use it on high/low levels?

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Utura Gran / Intense Recovery

Mana cost to use: 165 mana poitns
Recover hit poitns: 40 hit points every 3 seconds (60 seconds in total)
Total hit poitns recover: 800 hit points

Compare with Wound Cleasing / Exura Ico

Wound Cleasing / Exura Ico
Mana cost to use: 40 mana poitns
Recover hitpoitns: Healing dependes on level and magic level

To compare we gonna use same mana to cast both spells or close.

Utura Gran                          Exura Ico
1X = 165 mana                    4X = 160 mana

Test on level 160 and magic level 9:

We have an average of 135 hit points healed by ever Exura Ico, in total 540 hit points healed.

Result: 540 (4 Exura Ico) is lower than 800 (1 Utura Gran). So it good idea use Utura Gran on low levels.

Test on level 860 and magic level 13:

We have an average of 280 hit points healed by ever Exura Ico, in total 1120 hit points healed.

Result: 1120 (4 Exura Ico) is more than 800 (1 Utura Gran). So it good idea stop using Utura Gran on high levels.

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Great answer. Did you measure the average healing yourself, or used one of the available calculators? (Side note - you can select own answers as the best answer)
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A friend EK test it to me. My ek is only level 102 XD
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Don't forget that, if under constant fire, all Passive Healings that do not use up cooldowns and do recorver life, a little or a lot, are great.

I'd say it's not worth on high levels but I may be under certain conditions.
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Also, keep in mind that paladins use that spell, and they can benefit by the fact that they will heal while they are using cooldowns and pressing other hotkeys for spells/runes. I guess that Paladins can eventually own a better benefit from it, even accounting for the fact that they can get higher magic levels, but it is still up for debate.

Anyway, I also would like to point that you can use utura and other healing spells (Wound Cleasing or Intense Healing), meaning that your healing rate can be increased with the action of utura combined with other healing spells (worth when blocking or suffering a severe damage).

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At the end I think you can use that, but it's a waste of mana per hit points recovers
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I guess that the waste made gets a rewarding end, since you are getting faster hitpoints recovery, even not being that efficient. It is a matter of getting it faster on a combative situation rather than getting more for less mana :)

But I got your point.