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According to lore, what is the strongest boss and creature so far?

Try to share your source.
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Is your question meant to be similar to this one?
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No, the hard question is about mechanics. This is lore.
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ah oki! =)

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It would be Ferumbras.

A simple overlook on Ferumbras' Ascension Quest where he is about to get "godlike" power. 1

He gained access to Zathroth's library (either by favouritism and support of Zathroth or by attacking the library) 2

Even Knightmare has called him "that the greatest mage of all times " 3

The second Boss which is rising to the level would be Goshnar, who is known as a Necromant King and powerful enough to be able to resurect himself. 4 

Goshnar speaks about himself "As a powerful necromancer I had fettered my soul in the living world and the realms beyond. I had prepared for my return and was confident in my power." 5

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