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I am interested in Tibian lore lately. According to the lore, what were the first monsters that appeared in Tibia?

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The first creatures in Tibia were-

  1. Spiders
  2. Sea creatures (Doesn't mention specifics)
  3. Dragons (The first dragon was actually named Garsharak)
  4. Cyclops
  5. Trolls
  6. Goblins
  7. Orcs
  8. Wolves
  9. Poison Spiders
  10. Undead creatures (Doesn't mention specifics)
  11. Elves
  12. Dwarves
  13. Demons

...Then Humans :)


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Thanks, you're the best I had to re-read the genesis lol
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I think it's great to know how Tibian world was created :) it is fun reading this if somebody likes fantasy stuff
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I read the genesis about 3x in my life and there are still things I learn about it that I don't remember before :)