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Taking the old regular respawn like x1, now how much XX is the "regular"?

The events like rapid respawn?

The creature of the day?

And areas selected by the random system (Area to donate)?

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Currently, the normal spawn rate is 2x of the old respawn rate, according to this announcement.

When stacking multipliers, you have to add them up, giving the total respawn multiplier. Then, in order to get what would be the equivalent to the old respawn rate, you multiply it by 2.

CombinationRespawn RateOld Respawn Rate
Rapid Respawn Weekend (RRW)x5x10
Boosted Creature (BC)x2x4
Improved Respawn Area (IRA)x2x4
RRW + IRAx7x14
RRW + BCx7x14
BC + IRAx4x8
RRW + IRA + BBCx9x18