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I always love to make sure I don't have any spare caps. I always run across the question in my head, should I pick up flasks or the gold to get the most bang out of my buck or coin I mean. I'm really bad with math involving caps and gold ratio so can you please tell me what I would benefit picking up - Gold or Flasks? I'm talking all types of flasks too so if you could include the different types that would be great just in case their laying around a hunt.

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Gold Coin Gold Coin = 0.10 oz weight

10 Gold Coin Gold Coin per each 1 oz weight.

1 Stack max = 100 Gold Coin Gold Coin

Empty Potion Flask (Small) Empty Potion Flask (Small)  = 1.50 oz weight = 5 Gold Coin Gold Coin

Gold Coin Gold Coin / 1.50 oz weight = 3.33 Gold Coin Gold Coin per each 1 oz weight.

1 Stack max = 100 Empty Potion Flask (Small) Empty Potion Flask (Small) = 500 Gold Coin Gold Coin

Empty Potion Flask (Medium) Empty Potion Flask (Medium) (Weight 1.60 oz) and  Empty Potion Flask (Large) Empty Potion Flask (Large) (Weight 1.80 oz) are worst because have the same sell price of 5 Gold Coin Gold Coin and more weight.

So pick just Gold Coin Gold Coin in numbers is better BUT you need take in count you gonna need more space in your Backpack to carry each stack.

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Already picked you as best answer because you answered everything I asked for and more. Thanks for the tips about space as well. :) Cheers!
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