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I wanna make task in War Against the Hive Quest and collect charm points in the same time. I am wondering how many charm points I can gain in total by hunting on Hive.

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Good idea to synergize while questing. :)

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Answers above are not complete

Can be killed on stage 1, 2 & 3

Can be killed on stage 2 & 3

Can be killed only on stage 3

So on hive u can collect 265 charm points in total


There is another hive-related monster that doesn't appear there, it is:

Insectoid Worker Insectoid Scout (15 Charm Icon Charm Points)

which only appears during Insectoid Invasion World Change in Greenshore

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Creatures you find on that quest:

Swarmer Hatchling, Lesser Swarmer, Swarmer, Insectoid Worker, Crawler, Waspoid, Spitter, Kollos, Spidris, Hive Overseer, Ladybug


Then here you can find each Monster charm points.

Swarmer: 25 Points

Waspoid: 25 Points

Insectoid Worker: 25 Points

Kollos: 25 Points

Spidris: 25 Points

Hive Overseer: 50 points

Ladybug: 15 Points

Crawler: 25 Points

Spitter: 25 Points


Total: 240 Points

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Waspoid give  25 charm points not 15 ^^
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Hive creatures with Charm Icon Charm Points:

Only during Stage 2 and Stage 3 of War Against the Hive Quest.

Only during Stage 3 of War Against the Hive Quest.

265 Charm Icon Charm Points in total.

The access to the area of some creatures are related with the War Against the Hive Quest.

Another creatures like Swarmer Swarmer Hatchling and Swarmer Lesser Swarmer dont give Charm Icon Charm Points.