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About this particular world quest, are there any creatures or new places opened where I can do bestiary entries? If yes, where are these places, what bestiary creatures can I face and how many charm points I can possibly earn on it?

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During The First Dragon Quest it's worth to focus on two, unique for this event monsters:

  • Ice Dragon (you have to kill 1000 of them and get 25 charm points)
  • Haunted Dragon (you have to kill 2500 of them and get 50 charm points)

In total: 75 charm points.

You can also do regular Dragons and Dragon Lords in new, additional place.

To face with event-montsters you have to go to the west from Ankrahmun:

Use exani hur up here:

Then go upstairs and enter the huge, dark blue gates, by using small lava pool:

On level -2 you will find regular Dragons.

On level -3 you will find regular Dragon Lords.

On level -4 you will find event-monster Ice Dragon.

On level -5 you will find event-monster Haunted Dragon.

Source of photos: Tibiopedia.pl

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You can enter this spawn outside the event?
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No, unfortunately not. After event ends, gates dissapear.
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During the event, you can kill two exclusive monsters that occur only during this event.

Ice Dragon Ice Dragon need to be killed 1000 for 25charm points

Haunted Dragon Haunted dragon need to be killed 2500 for 50charm points

In addition to these unique monsters for this event, in the First Dragon Lair you can also meet ordinary dragons and dragon lords