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Where I need go, what I need and how do it?.
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What u wanna train?
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Melee skills.
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XD Is useful information
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be specific about your question. What vocation, lvl and weapon and skill type you want to train?

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The best way on high levels is train with Lizard Magistratus Lizard Magistratus.

Go to Razachai (You need start the Mission 06: The Office Job from Wrath of the Emperor Quest).

Once you start the Mission 06: The Office Job, go to Razachai  and follow this way (Green line). Go up on every stair to climb level +3.

Main Floor.

Floor +1.

Floor +2.

On this floor take one or two Lizard Magistratus Lizard Magistratus enter in a room and trap it on a corner (They attack from distance).

Floor +3.

Source: Seikatsu Youtube

Other way (Most easy to reach but you get more damage) is train with Hydra Hydra.

Go to Hydra Mountain in Port Hope, to do it follow this way (Yellow line).

At the end go up on the stairs. This place is safe.

If you go up on the stairs can face some some lonely Hydra Hydra.

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I don't see any information about his vocation or what does he want to train xD But u  can answer on that question wow!
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Well, there is a lack of information in your question, but even this way I'll try to answer.

To train physical attack skills as 'sword, club, distance, etc' and shielding I would say that the best place is on the Modified Gnarlhound Modified Gnarlhound of Telas house. 

To access this place you need to complete: Shadows of yalahar quest. 

Here is the place:

As you can see there is an sqm where you can trap the monsters if you are knight.


  1. Use magic wands to summon mad sheeps, which will attack you increasing your shielding skills.
  2. Modified Gnarlhounds are inmune to physical damage, so as paladin bring royal stars or flaming arrows, and as knight some weapon with fire damage for example.

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If I am a club user, a weapon with energy imbuement works?
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It is only inmune to earth, holy and death. And strong against the rest, so yes, energy would work ^^