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What can be better among these three for an Elite Knight?
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Could u be more specific? Tell us his level and his actual skills for example.
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I would like to know what would be the best option, sword, ax or club
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I did an edit to make you more clear about it. Hopefully it is better now and more direct to what you meant in this question.

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The general rule of the weapons are like this:

  • Swords: Balanced weapons in terms of offensive and defensive power
  • Axe: Generally focused on dealing more damage at the expense of defensive power
  • Clubs: Generally more defensive power (with exceptions) than offensive.
All of these have different prices (and in different servers some are more expensive than others, example: in lober the axes are dirty cheap, clubs are dirty cheap, some swords too, but generally the expensive are swords)
Now, according to tibia.wikia.com if you want to have high damage and good defensive use one handed weapon that have defense modifier, in example: 
As you can see the def says : 33 +3 that means that if you have a shield  
The defense would be 40 + 3 giving you a total of 43.
Therefore I would choose an axe since they tend to have more attack and less defense but still having defense modifiers, so you can get the bonus defense to a good shield.
Hope the explanation helps
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Depends on your level.

Axes have a higher attack but require a 10 more levels than sword and are the best weapons until level 200.

Then Gnome sword becomes the best weapon considering price and available hunts.

At later game sword have winterblade is good for higher levels but axe users have falcon axe and cobra axe that are great too. The problem is that these axes are too expensive.

Clubs is the best for a new player IMO, they are not so behind other weapons but are cheaper.
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Definitively the best weapons for train skills for a knight is a exercice sword haha, weapons with 5,6 attack are a good options for skills 80-.
High skills need a strong monster for efficient afk train. You can train with the 6- attack weapons on modified gnarhounds in telas laboratory.
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Sword fighter is better in the direction that CipSoft has been implementing weapons.

Gnome Sword was implemented 6 month before Falcon Battleaxe and under this time Plagirath Seal was the best place to hunt and ofc energy was the strongest inside there. But with Falcon Battleaxe we also got library, and fire library is the best spawn at the moment and sword fighters had the advantage for 7 month until we now get Cobra Axe
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the weapon you would like to use has to have anything you like. You need to answer yourself what is your primary goal in the game. If you are able to hunt with others and you need to be on defence mode (green shield) then it is good shield the most important factor. 
I would recommend to consider defence modificator from the weapon (only a few have) which is a great help for your defence. 

That's just a matter of taste. And remember that next updates give you more weapons with interesting statistics. 
Good luck with choosing!