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If my world manages to complete the A Pirate's Death to Me, what are the prizes for the world? Also, are there any individual prizes?

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Individual Reward
For each success:
20 Platinum Coins
Pirate Bag with Pirates Surprise
Pirates Surprise can contains:
4 Shrimp
Empty Goldfish
Spooky Blue Eye
Worn Leather Boots
Treasure Map (Pirate)
Pirate Hat
Pirate Backpack
Pirate Shirt
Skull Candle
Pirate Boots
Hook Hook
Piggy Bank
Pirate Knee Breeches

For 1st success:
Ghost Sailor achievement.

For 5 successes:
Spectral Traveller achievement.

For 10 successes:
Nether Pirate achievement.

For 50 successes:
Scourge of Death achievement.

World Reward
If a world succeeds in 50 journeys, it will receive a 10% exp increase to undead creatures. You can check how many times your world completed a journey by saying: "journeys" to Smaralda.