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I was looking through the Tibia Store and saw there is an item that has been added since I last checked, the Podium of Renown

Tibia wiki indicates the following on the item:

'It's a Store product. It is wrappable, likely into a Decoration Kit.

The Podium is used to display a mount or an outfit (addons can be configured as well), or both at the same time. It is also possible to choose between the male and female version of an outfit. It also has an illumination effect which can be switched on and off. When looked at, the name of the outfit and mount displayed will be shown.

Here is a picture sourced from Tibia Wiki so you can see.

The only downside is it does cost 500 TC from the Tibia store, so I was wanting to confirm something before I made my purchase. I was wondering if it is possible for other players to customize the podium as well? I figure if it is possible, I could get friends with Golden outfit unlocked to show off in my house. 

I know with other TC bought items, other players can use the item/interact with it/move it around, they just can't unwrap it/pick it up/take from house. I figure this means they should be able to customize podiums as well? 

But, I have no way to confirm it. 

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Just the owner of the Podium of Renown can customize it (Choose the outfit, addon, mount and colors).

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Oh really? That's a shame.

Thank you for confirming it for me. :)