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Hello, I just noticed some fact with Podium of Renown, about Ferumbras Hat outfit. Normally I am playing as Male character without owning Full Mage outfit, but I got Full Male Summoner Outfit. As I noticed, I can make Full Female Summoner Outfit on Podium of Renown. So the question is if I make Sex change and now I will own Full Female Mage outfit, I will be able to make Full Male Mage Outfit on Podium but the other podium I made before as Male character with Full Female Summoner Outfit will chnage?
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The sex change question and how it affects the addons has been answered before. The podium doesn't follow the same logic, obviously, which is why you can display the hat on the opposite gender. This was reported to CipSoft and never fixed, so they probably don't think it's a priority.
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I am not asking about sexchange and what happen with Ferumbras Hat outfit but about Podium of Renown if its change while I make sex change, so I might own 2 ferumbras hat outfits male/female on Podium of Renown.

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If you are talking about two different podiums...

When you change your character sex the podium doesn't change so you will keep the previous sex podium as long as you don't wrap it or try to change it.