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If I got summoner outfit full in my female character, what means to have delivered the ferumbras hat, and I change my sex to male, does I keep the 'outfit with the hat' with the mage outfit?
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Interesting question that I never thought about even after years of Tibia! Looking forward about it!
My wild theory is that you should keep the hat, but I don't know since I've never seen anyone doing it before!

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Yes you will! Since the requirements for Summoner male is the same for  Mage female and  Summoner female is the same of Mage male as following:



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Have you actually tried that or know someone that did?
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Unfortunately I do not have mage hat, buy I have a couple of friends that have and has already changed their character sex. I'm 100% sure abiut this.
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Alright! I already knew the requierements for each one and thats why I was wondering.
If you tell me that you know several people Who actualy chances the sex of the Char keeping the hat every time, I got your answer as válid.

Thanks for the info <3