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Let's say I had a friend who owned a Ferumbras hat and I borrowed it without having the Ferumbras hat addon, will I be able to add a hat to my Ferumbras bust forever or can it possibly be removed off of my bust somehow? And also, do I have to be the one to use the bust and not my friend right if it's my store owned bust in my house?

This is what the store description of the bust says so I want to know if anyone has any experience in this or not-

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The store description says it is possible to place it without having the ad-don, but seems like the owner of the house has to be the one to "put" it on the statue. You should be able to give it back to it's owner afterwards.
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Can confirm this, did this not long ago. Someone gave me a hat, i bought ferumbras bust from the store, right clicked on the bust and then gave the hat back to the owner.