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Are there any NPC's that we can see or reach but that don't have any interaction/mechanic with players?
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Did you mean a reachable NPC who we cannot chat with?
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Yes, I know one npc who ignored the female characters but not the male one.

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Like I said, there are too many NPCs to list and this answer is far from complete (and thus "correct"). For instance you copied my list of NPCs from the Dream Scar and left out some I also did on purpose, such as Izzkl. You also did not include several other NPCs, like the Gnome Guards of the Gnome Deep Hub. There are dozens of other decorative NPCs like these.
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I know about guards(not all will be included though). As much as he said in his comments "Did you mean a reachable NPC who we cannot chat with?- Yes" I still put on Basilisk and Arkhotep because in his question is "we can see or reach" ( should be "we can see and reach"). Also Beregar NPC's like Pyromaniac Missing if we are including Scar ones.
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How many missing NPCs from your list should I find before copying it all and making a new answer (like you did)?

The way the question is written, it is not asking for an exhaustive list, it's just a yes-no question.
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So you are saying I should put this on comment for Lee kun instead of adding as an answer when I found more of them? I see it that way- if you adding something to the answer- like two changes etc I would put it as a comment. If you have more- then post as an answer.
If you have more- please add as an answer and Trululu will choose it as a Best answer. I do not see where this big deal is.  I will be even happy to hide my answer because I do not see reason for spamming with lots of answers
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Yes, there are several NPCs like that, probably too many to list without missing one or another. So I'll give you a group of NPCs as example. Inside the Dream Scar there are several NPCs which are just there for RPG purposes. These NPCs act as fighters of the Arena but they do not talk to players or interact in any other way. Their names are:

  • Blubster
  • Boasty Twoeyes
  • Bulltus
  • Cheesy the Chosen
  • Gnomenace
  • Kalissa
  • Mandly
  • Olhan
  • The Dentist
  • Yrlin
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Absaan, the barman is actually pretty talkative:
It's worth mentioning that all other NPCs there answer to our greeting - but end the conversation at the same time. All of their transcriptions can be found in our Transcripts section:
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I couldn't go there to check now so I added them all to the list, thanks for pointing out Absaan is not one of them, I removed him from the list.
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But they actually answer to Hi...  example: https://www.tibiaroyal.com/en/guide/npc/1006/mandly/