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I'm not here to get the Owl, nor spam the site with worthless questions and answers, but to share knowledge which I gained during my 15-year experience with this game.

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Thank you! I think it's easy, just keep being active on the website. I try not to answer too many questions though because I try to save them for others lol. That's true, I think I'm just assuming I won't get a 2nd Owl. Never really asked, it's okay if not. However, any fansite items I've won or bought I've never sold and don't ever plan to.
Jul 24 by shawtay
hey! no i  think you only get 1 owl per person. this is from what i understand. i am shooting for 10,000 points though, that would be pretty cool because of the badge and to be the first person to reach that would be an honor lol
Jul 23 by shawtay
hey williams, can you please tell me your input on my previous comment i left on your answer i just want to clarify thank you!
Dec 27, 2019 by shawtay


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