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Looking at the recent TibiaLife contest, it appears that contest prizes list got expanded (https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Contest_Prizes).
Is  the only new item or are there more?

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I asked this question in the official forums and they advised me we would have to wait to find out basically. I'll post the exact quote. https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=38832965#post38832965

We have indeed updated our list of items with which we support events and contests which are created by the supported and promoted fansites. We will not make this list public, however, I'm afraid. There's a strict contingent on most of the items that can be given out, and sometimes things are adjusted and changed. So - it won't be discussed publicly. Sooner or later it will be known again anyway what prizes are usually obtainable in fansite contests. For the time being, we suggest checking out future fansite contests and participating in them!  Prizes that can be obtained in a contest are always discussed beforehand between the fansite admin and us, and the resulting prize list for each contest is then posted by the fansite that is organizing the contest. So when you see a contest or event announced, make sure to check it out! 

The Blue Sphere is the only new contest item that's not on that list. Note in the future this is subject to change as new events will happen but I am giving you the information I have at the moment as I cannot know what events will happen in the future!

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Edited my post with a quote from official forums.
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Finally, I had a chance to see the new list as I'm a member of the fansite staff. There are more items, but Rejana asked not to publish them.
Thanks anyway Shawtay
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You're welcome, thanks for letting us know it will remain a surprise. :)
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We could see Blue Sphere image on Cyclopedia -> Items. This item was unobtainable. In my opinion unobtainable items can be rewards in the contests with time, for example: Wasted Time Wasted Time

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It is true, that CMs don't want to make the official list public, but some of the contests already passed by and we could notice some new items, which are not listed here:


I think it would be okay to make a little list here (based on a public info) and update it from time to time:

Note that it is not the full list of new items, however I can add only these items which were already set as a rewards in the past.