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Note that it is possible to purchase items such as: yellow rose  blue sphere... but some items are not possible, such as: heavy medal  cm token... what are all contest items obtainable via the market?

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Marketable fansite contest items:

  1. Snake God Trophy
  2. Yellow Rose
  3. Blue Sphere
  4. Silver or Golden Rune Emblem
  5. Green, Blue, Red, Grey, Purple Tomes
  6. Bronze Necklace

I listed the items I've seen as contest prizes. Please note fansites or contests hosted by Tibia can have different items during the contest for example sometimes I see a Unicorn Figurine but this is also a lootable item and not really considered just specifically a contest item so I avoided listing this. In general, writable objects aren't allowed to be traded on the market and most contest items are seen as special. This is why you don't see fansite items marketable, only replicas.

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Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge on this subject :)
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The "secret" here is not related to items that can be given by fansites in contests, but by the generic rules that will define whether or not an item appears on the market:

  • Items that can be written cannot be sold on the market. That's why you can't find the Heavy Medal or CM Tokens there. 
  • Original fansite items cannot be sold on the market. That's a rule specific to this category of items, since not all of them are writable. 
  • Most other regular items can be seen on the market. The exceptions are some special quest/event items (unrelated to contests) or test items which shouldn't be obtainable anyway. 
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the question isn't considered a duplicate as it is more specific to what type of contest item is marketable but it is similar
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exactly, @shawtay. The question revolves on particular contest items that might be sold on market. It does not configure a duplicate in this case.
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I hope you realize this rule of being a more strict doesn't make sense. There's a broader answer that actually explains the logic behind items that can be in the market. This covers "contest items", "armors", "items with yellow pixels" and any other category someone can come up with. This question does not add anything new to TibiaQA as you can this exact information by reading the other answer and actually understanding the system instead of going through a list of specific items. By allowing questions like this you're just supporting flooding the website with questions that have already been asked. What if someone asks "What are all the decoration items that can be sold on the market?". You guys need to be more strict with duplicates to avoid the amount of spam and repeated stuff we see here.