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I really love the Sprites of Fansite Items, and all the time I see people that win contests or participate in them. I just wonder is there any way to get the information of those contests, or where can I check it to participate?

Thanks in advance.
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I have removed the part of your question that reads: "I would appreciate if you can share if there is any constest that is available at the moment if were the case.".
Please, check the rules below, section "Valid short term only":

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Generally information about the contests you can check everyday in Newsticker section on Tibia.com. CMs as soon as fansite started a new event announce it on the top of the official site. Some of fansites copy Newstickers and publish it n their sites/social media.

I think there is no sense to share info about current contests, because this questions and answers should be useful for other users in the future. Your sub-question is really short term, but well ... on TibiaMagazine you have current valientine's contest, on ViavaTibia you can desing their mascot.

About contest schedule, for now the only info are Newstickers on the top of official websida tibia.com. You have to check it everyday or check the recent history to see if there is any active contest announced.

TibiaBosses.com is working to add it as a new feature. Unfortunately I can not give you any exact date of implementing it.

Another thing is what you mean by "the most active" - how many people visit the fansite per day? Because activity of the fansite isn't only about organising contests. Info which fansites are the most popular among the users is avaliable for admins on fansites board. CMs making from time to time statistics for them.

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I'm my opinion it makes sense cuz others can check later all the tips u give to us, about the current contest, I just asked as a plus to know if ther is any on active, that why I put "in case" :)  Thanks for the plus!.

About the "most-active" I mean fansites that usually have the most up-to-date information, which constantly add new information beyond what Tibia.com publishes.

But apart of that the information you provides me a good ideas about how it works.

Thanks once again!
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Most Fansites have social networks. It is through it that I learn about the events. Otherwise, enter that session on the website and access each of the fansites to find out if there is a new event: