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I am curious to know which contest was the best (in your opinion).

I have participated in a few contests. People can get very creative and involved!

So, which contest was your favourite and why? Or if you can't pick only one favourite contest you can also mention more than one!
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I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this one yet...

My absolute favourite contest ever was the 2012 "Dream House Contest" by Cipsoft.

The contest was to describe your dream Tibia house and let your imagination loose. The winners were then picked, not only based on originality, but also how the ideas were described and how well they would work and fit in-game. The idea was so simple yet so awesome and the winning houses were added in the summer update 2012. 
Some of the greatest houses in the game (in my opinion) came from this contest. For example the Caveman Shelter, Old Sanctuary of God King Qjell, the Open-Air Theatre, the house of Tranquility.
Here you can find all the winners of the contest: https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=newsarchive&id=2041

I really hope they do a similar contest again in the future. I really like the idea of having a contest that will leave a mark in the actual world of Tibia.

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Good answer. This indeed was an epic one!
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That contest sounds gorgeous! Thank you for sharing that experience.
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I love the contests about tibia cosplay. Tibiabosses was the last one in making one, and it was so cool to see the skills and imagination of every1 to do their design
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True! I was amazed with ppls imagination :D
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Well, from the contests I've participate the one I like most what about to create an comic history about Hallowen at BomdiaTibia.com.

I like contest to create new itens, but this in general wins ppl who works with design, think they should choose the best idea and not the best draw, so later thay should ask some help to improve it, this way I'm sure we would have different winners and not the same ppl always.
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On the past I feel in love with the Fansite Items Conteste, but the last 3 contest broke it because the winners are all re used items. So, by now I like more when you need build something in real life with you hands (Not drawing or cosplay).
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I've participated in 27 fansite contests since 2014, so my experience with it is quite big :D

My favourite contests were to make Xena (mascot of TibiaMagazine) and Assassin Doll in RL. I decided to come back after 20 years to polymer clay and use it to create figurines. My Xena is still visible in TibiaMagazine's profile picture on facebook.

You know, after 5 years I think this figurine looks horrible... now I would make it much better, but because of this contest I felt like a child again and decided to improve my skills with polymer clay. It became my hobby.

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Not much experience, but my faves:

* Tibiopedia.pl 2018 Ferumbras Birthday Contest [ Won 3rd place Nightmare doll ]

* TibiaEvents.com 2019 Real Weapon Contest [3rd place, Hero's medal + pirate items]

Creative contest was also TibiaEvents.com 2019 GOT TALENT, I made song from Frozen in tibia. No place, but i like it! here is video