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How do you know who wins? Do they have a list somewhere of who wins or do they typically keep it secret? I'm referring to when Tibia does "Guess the Date of the Update" or maybe a raffle where you can win an item by providing feedback

For example:

Jan 10 2020 - 

Congratulations to the winners of the holiday raffle! Three lucky winners of the feedback form "What has Santa given you?" will now find a CM Token and a Santa Leech in the inbox of the highest levelled character of their account.


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Good question! Once I aswered correctly the date but I didn't receive any feedback

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Cipsoft use to just announce that the winners were selected but do not announce which players (characters) were the winners.
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Gave you best answer as you answered first thank you
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Cipsoft don’t announce who won this raffles or contest of guess the date or the feedback form if you tried to guess or sent a feedback you need to look your inbox to see if you were lucky enough to win or not