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Due to the feedback I realized that my question may be being misinterpreted so I reformulated it.

Cipsoft was been realized alot kind of fansites some that were directly involveds with Fansites, (if you want to know those contest you can check them here.

Due to the feedback I realized that my question may be being misinterpreted and that is why I have rephrased it. Over the years, Cipsoft has been the sponsor of a wide variety of contests related to those of fan sites, (if you want to know those contests, you can consult them here). But my question is directed to Know ALL the contests made by Cipsoft that have been later implemented in the game without being those of fan sites. For example;

  • On 2012, they made the contest "A Rat is a Rat is a...?", when they wanted a creative name of the new race they want to implemented that now a days we knows as "Corym's". More info about this question in TibiaQA
  • Or on 2013, where you have to submit your idea of a storyteller NPC, "Create your Own NPC!" More information about this contest in Tibia QA
  • Or on 2017 when you have to shared a small anecdote of your tibia life on "It's Time to RhymeEdgar-Ellen at the Nort of Thais can tell us the curious histories of some tibian players shared on this contest.

So my question is There is more contests realized by Cipsoft apart of those already mentioned?

Thanks in advance.

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If you tell me that there is only those 2 contest that had been already asked I will close my question but Idk this information... I just saw this one Contest of Rat Race/Coryms and I wanted know if has been done more contest like this one. Not Fansites involved just contests about new updates/ creatures/ quest.
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Shawtay! I edited my question, I hope I have explained it better now.
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Yes, thank you :)

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24 Jul 2007- What's In the Present Box? - It is not really a contest to create anything, however, It influenced somehow growth of Tibia. 

28 May 2008- Fan Site Contest- It is with relation to Fan Sites- but it was contest organised by Tibia to create Fansite Items !

 19 10 October 2008- Story Telling Competition - Story of Team Spirit in Tibia 

19 February 2009- Backpack forever poll

19 June 2009- Poll Contest

13 October 2009- Create a message of the day

11 December 2009- Christmas Events 2009

13 January 2010- Create a message of the day- second round

10 May 2010- Gourmets wanted

14  October 2010- Look Who's Talking! - Winners

05 January 2011 Royal Painting Contest - Winners

31 January 2011- Poll Contest

17 February 2011 -How to Beat Serpentine Tower?

23 February 2011- Fabulous February 

02 September 2011- Message of the day 3rd 

10 November  2011- Caption this! - Winners

27 February 2012 - Poll Contest 

07 March 2012 - Your Dream House - Winners

10 May  2012- Feedback Raffle 

11 July 2012- Feedback winners

16 August 2012- Chayennes Farewell Contest - Winners  -2

31 October  2012 - A Rat Is a Rat is A...?  - Winners

11 December 2012- Feedback Competition

07 January 2013- Caption This !

16 January 2013 =-Call for Letters; Letters

15 March 2013 - Catch Phrases for Tibia 

22 April 2013 - Feedback contest 

14 May 2013- Create your own NPC! - Winners

20 September 2013 - Feedback Contest 

20 September 2013- New feedback contest

11 September 2014- Feedback Contest

08 October 2014- Retro Open PvP Names 

09 January 2015 -Your True Tibian Age!

24 February 2015- Scavenger Hunt

31 March 2015- Eight New wonders of the Tibian World

12 February 2016 -Recommended by Tibians for Tibians - Winners 

03 May 2016 - 15 Years Ago

10 March 2017- Poll Contest

05 May 2017 - How Thais received its name! - Winners; 2; 3

14 July 2017 - Poll Contest

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Wow this probably took you sometime, great research!
started to hate myself for starting it, still in progress xD Thank you though
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Thanks you so muchhhhhh!!!! I didn't know was so many!