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I want to know what items were created by players. I am looking for any item besides most fansite items which are obviously created by players during contests. You can include the fansite items as well. Thank you!
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I remember there was a contest to create your own item... Does it also count to your answer? I will search a little about this contest
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yes! of course include any contest items thats definitely fine :) i dont mind if you include fansite items that were created too

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So this is the list of items created by players:

  •  Golden Falcon for TibiaBr made by Drigos
  •  Tibiacity Encyclopedia for TibiaCity made by Made of the Fall
  • Key of Numerous Locks for TibiaCz made by Dariux Drake
  • Friendship Amulet for TibiaFriends made by Sir Ruffuzz
  • TibiaHispano Emblem for TibiaHispano made by Machetron
  • Pigeon Trophy for TibiaML made by Goldstorm
  • The Mexcalibur for TibiaMx made by Sonoroman
  • Golden Newspaper for TibiaNewms made by Holy Mijeman
  • Norseman Doll for TibiaNordic made by Myst'Sharion
  •  Heavily Bound Book for TibiaWiki made by Max Baffa
  • Omniscient Owl for TibiaQA made by Makadamia
  • Crunors Heart for TibiaBosses made by Licad from Telera
  • Tibiora's box for TibiaStats made by Gigaknight
  • Epaminondas Doll for PortalTibia mabe by Joao Matheus
  •  The Epic Wisdom from TibiaWiki.com.br made by Insane Jack
  •  Majestic Shield for GuildStats made by Strosky
  •  Dread Doll for FunTibia made by Geeviz
  • Memory Box for TibiaEvents made by Honourable Knight of Honera
  •  Lucky Clover Amulet for TibiaLottery made by Satan
  •  Midnight Panther Doll for TibiaMagazine made by Makadamia
  •  War Backpack for TibiaWar made by Kamikaze Pixels
  •  Black Knight Doll for TibiaLatina Wiki made by Lupus Aurelius
  •  Little Adventurer Doll for TibiaGuias made by Mister Smithson
  •  Shield of Destiny for TibiaRoyal made by Lupus Aurelius
  • Journal Shield for BomDia Tibia made by Didi Hadid
  • Adamant Shield for TibiaLife made by Makadamia
  •  Dark Wizard's Crown for TibiaMist√©rios made by Lupus Aurelius
  • Citizen Doll for TibiaTv made by Tywolf
  •  Assassin Doll for TibiaBrasileiros made by Lupus Aurelius
  •  Bookworm Doll for TibiaLibrary made by Jaegaren
  •  Noble Sword for Rookie.pl made by Lupus Aurelius
  • Dragon Eye for Tibia-Market made by Mondlanze
  •  Phoenix Statue for TibiaFans made by Van Lyves
  • Music Box for TibiaSpace made by Frozen Crowley
  • Orc's Jaw Shredder for TibiaSpy made by Li Dao
  •  Frozen Heart for TibiaTr made by Kyward
  • Hand Puppets for TibiaRP made by Falco Montague
  •  Doll of Durin The Almighty for TibiaBariloche made by El Padrino
  •  Medusa Skull for TibiaPic made by Don Maximus Meridius
  • Imortus for Exhiti made by Dnacrons
  •  Bag of Oriental Spices for Tibia-Wiki made by Dianitris
  • Mathmaster Shield for TibiaStat made by Lupus Aurelius
  •  Draken Doll for TibiaJourney made by Demolition Loover
  • Jade Amulet for TibiaHof made by Andraax
  • Dragon Goblet for TibiaVenezuela made by Dragondorf
  • Cateroide's Doll for Cateroide made by Meninna Malvada
  •  Old Radio for RadioTibia made by Mounthrize
  •  Loremaster Doll for TibiaTome made by Xaarcus
  • Mini Nabbot for NabBot made by Juh Mong

I asked leader of Red Rose -Rose Armor (now it'sNoble armor) and Rose Shield were created by  Red Rose member.


1. Tibia.com - link

2. TibiaBr - link

3. TibiaBosses - link

4. Tibia-Stats - link 

5. TibiaFandom - link , link

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aw:( ill await other answers i know the other items are out there hopefully you can figure it out! but good research so far
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No problem!, Thank you :) I will keep looking for those items also!
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I would also add to the list foods from the Jean Pierre's recipes contest