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I believe there was a contest back in the day where players were able to create NPCs. Maybe other players were mappers in the older Tibian day and might've created NPCs as well. Which NPCs are you aware of that were created by the players for the players?

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The Spirit Speaker, suggested by Hashiru.

Congratulations Hashiru! The Spirit Speaker provides interesting bits of information, it is well written, atmospheric, and lore consistent - a worthy addition to Tibia's NPCs. It will be implemented with the upcoming summer update.

The CMs also picked their favourite NPCs out of all submissions. Mirade chose Vandalf by Candia Mage. Tjured's favourite NPC is Famished Spirit, submitted by Araguth, and Rejana liked Thorkynman's NPC Chatt the Cat best.
The winner and the CM favourites will be rewarded with premium time and a CM token in the course of the day.

Well i have found some info there:



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Were these actually implemented? I can find anything more about them
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It was implemented with the first part of Summer Update 2013, and you can find him in Venore: