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I want to know, which Npcs got their own look. Which don't look like a monsters or which don't have outfits possible to get by players?

Please add their look and location in the list.

Few examples about which I know Orockle in Gray Beach andEighty in Gray Beach Depot. 

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Take the list! piscadela

Tired Tree.gif Carlin

Grumpy Stone.gif Kazordoon

Denominator.gif Museum Tibiarts

The Oracle.gif Rookgaard

The Destiny Seer.gif Island of destiny

Cobra (NPC).gif Thalas Tomb

Omrabas.gif Drefia

A Swan.gif Edron

The Thaian.gifEdron

A Sleeping Dragon.gif Zao

A Strange Chalice.gif Temple Complex (Farmine)

Crowned Tree.gif Falcon Bastion

Squeekquek.gif Corym's Cave Liberty Bay

Mysterious Device.gif Cosmic Chamber - Port Hope

Yawno.gif Port Hope

Gelidrazah'S Thirst.gif Gelidrazah'S Third - Okolnir

Dread Guardian.gif Vengoth - Yalahar

Maritima.gif Sunken Quarter - Yalahar

Strange Pipe.gif Glooth Factory - Rathleton

Alternative Rock.gif Gray Beach

Eighty.gif Gray Beach

Old Rock Boy.gif Gray Beach

Orockle.gif Gray Beach

Rock In A Hard Place.gif Gray Beach

Rock Steady.gif Gray Beach

Rock With A Soft Spot.gif Gray Beach

Scrutinon.gif Gray Beach

Marina.gif Meriana

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I'd say Yawno looks a lot like us when we die and cobra looks a lot like a cobra but it's a statue. Squeekquek is also a Little Corym Charlatan. Other than that good research.<3
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I was in doubt about Corym but he was dressed in red. Sorry s2
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the NPC "..." would also fit this list as it has no appearance. Could it be a bottle? :P
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Here's some really interesting looking NPCs:

Queen EloiseLocation: Carlin Castle on Central Street

King Tibianus Location: Rain Castle, throne room.

A Sleeping DragonLocation: Northern Zao

Mysterious Ornate Chest (NPC)Location: Ab'Dendriel Forge.

The OracleLocation: Rookgaard Academy, first floor

Dread GuardianLocation: VengothDevovorga's realm.

ScrutinonLocation: Gray Island The Destiny SeerLocation: Island of Destiny, inside the last tent

Rock With A Soft SpotOrockleRock SteadyRock In A Hard PlaceOld Rock BoyAlternative RockLocation: Gray Beach 

AuritaLocation: Feyrist, western beach

MarinaLocation: Meriana, north of Sabrehaven

MaritimaLocation: Yalahar Sunken Quarter, west of entrance.

RafzanLocation: Venore swamps one floor up

imageLocation: Gray Beach Depot

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Category:NPC_Types

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Hahaha Rafzan is the best !
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Hes sooo adorable ! I could just squeeze him
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hahaha,true! :D
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I totally forgot about Queen Eloise until now lol!