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Every fansite contest has its rewards from first to third place, and each one has its value. I would like to know the value of the items in kk

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That is a hard one to as there are a lot of fansite items around and the price depends mostly on the frequency that fansites organize quests.

I would say memory box Memory Box.gif is the cheapest around since it is the fansite item of TibiaEvents. We organize contests and events on a monthly basis so there is a new memory box around every month. Price ranges from 45 to 55kk

Latest contests that gave fansite itens were promoted by TibiaLife, giving a Adamant Shield Adamant Shield.gif and TibiaMagazine giving a Midnight Panther Doll Midnight Panther Doll.gif. Both are for sale on Antica Trade Boards for around 200kk

Also for sale on Antica Trade Boards you can find Heavily Bound Book Heavily Bound Book.gif for 90kk, Epaminondas Doll Epaminondas Doll.gif for 55kk, Shield of Destiny Shield of Destiny.gif for 110kk,  

Few original fansite itens that are from fansites that left the program (for that reason you can buy a replica of the fansite item on Adventurer's Guild) can be find with prices around 50kk, such as: Doll of Durin the Almight Doll of Durin The Almighty.gif, Friendship Amulet Friendship Amulet.gif, Draken Doll Draken Doll.gif, etc.

For most of regular fansite itens I would say that the price ranges from 100 to 150kk.

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The price may vary according how rare is the item, if the fansite is still online  and how difficult is to get it.
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Due to the fact that someone edits my post and puts in their own prices without knowing the real, so i decidet to update my post. I will try to change the post on a regular basis if the prices are change.

I would like to add that for years i have been watching the prices of fansite items, also buying and selling by myself.

Prices depend on pvp and no pvp worlds. I give prices from pvp servers, mainly Antica. Mostly in this world, items are sold and bought. To some of them i will add an explanation of why the item is priced at a given amount. 

Midnight Panther Doll  500 KK  Recently, one was sold at the char bazaar for 20 000 Tibia coins. There are very few panthers in the game and there is a lot of interest in this item due to its appearance. This item is very rarely put up for sale. Recently someone offered 22 000 Tibia coins for my panther. 

Curnor's heart   400KK - 450KK  This is another desirable item that people are willing to pay a lot for. For example my friend. This item is very hard to win in competitions, because the fansite is popular and a lot of people take part on them. This item is rarely for sale, therefore the price is high. 

Love Elixir   200KK-250KK  This is another item that was sold on the char market, was sold for 11 401 Tibia coins. Link to te auction here  This item was introduced to the game recently. There are only a few of them.

Mathmaster Shield  Value around 350KK. This shield has not been for sale for a long time. It was sold at a char bazaar for 15,000 Tibia coins. You can see the auctions here. Even though a replica of it has been introduced, this item is very rare.

Adamant Shield   Price for this shield has increased because it is rarely put up for sale. I have received several offers for this item from collectors. Value around 450-550KK. One was sold las time for 525KK.

Little Adventurer Doll    There's only 3 in all Tibia. 2 in pvp servers and 1 in non pvp server. Recently the item was put up for sale on the forum. Link here. There was talk of the 700KK offer. Unfortunately, I don't know the final offer. 

Bard Doll  It has recently been introduced to the game. Has been sold for 15 000 Tibia Coins. It's worth around 350KK.

Majestic Shield I recently  sold it for 95KK. 

Epaminondas Doll   It was sold for 3,500 Tibia coins. Auction here It's worth around 80KK-90KK.

Doll of Durin The Almighty   I sold this doll to a collector for 70KK on Antica.

Black Knight Doll  A friend of mine owns this item. He got several offers. Worth around 350KK.

Loremaster doll   A very rare doll. Unfortunately, it can no longer be won in competitions. The item is also available as a replica. Due to its rarity, the price has risen to 350KK. Collectors are willing to pay the highest price.

Shield of Destiny   Item sold frequently. Value around 250-300KK.

Mini NabBot Price in the range of 100KK-150KK

Omniscient Owl There are already quite a few available in the game. The price varies between 100KK-150KK.

Memory Box   Very often this item can be won in contests on Tibiaevents, therefore its value has decreased significantly. Value up to 40KK.

Old Radio   Has been sold for 5 000 TC [100-110KK] You can check the auctions here

* I would like to add that items with constant animation, for example like Midnight Panther, are worth more. The same goes for some items that are no longer available, such as Old Radio.

Items that are also available in fan page contests. I will add that the prices differ whether they are assigned to the character. More valuable are those that have no description (unwritten).

Trophy of Excellence:

Bronze  Worth 5KK. Was sold on Antica. Check here.

Silver  Worth 10KK.

Gold  Sold for 15KK on Antica.

Golden Warrior Trophy   I recently bought for 30kk. I suspect that others are going to be bought cheaper.

Other Items :

Grey Tome  Several were sold at the market in Antica. Value 500KK-600KK.

Nightmare Doll   Value 150-200 KK

Yellow Rose   A few sold at the market in Antica. 150KK-250KK

Blue Sphere  A few sold at the market in Antica. 60KK-80KK

Medals :

Royal Medal (unwritten) I recently bought Antica for 25kk. The written is cheaper.

Badge of Glory (written) Was sold for 15kk in Antica.

Heavy Medal  (written)  Sold in Kenora for 40KK Check post here.

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I just made a suggestion to improve prices as suggested average, not excessive. Of course, this information is cool that people can give so much money, but there are a lot of bugs also. I don't know why an unnecessary discussion and the author of the answer calls his friends for support. take it easy. I hid it because I think the 700kk offer might have been a troll and I don't want to mess people up with my answer. you can add your own if you want! :)
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I don't use friends, but it's good that they came and told the truth about the items. As you can see, you are trying to lie yourself without even having a clue about the transactions. You just started to make a trash here with my answer because the prices do not suit you and in addition you are insinuating a lie, where you lied like it was with the panther.
You really see a problem everywhere and you can't understand the simple answer, you just make a fuss.
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What do you mean I can add my own? I thought tibiaqa was for everybody or is it only for you? It is unacceptable that I spend my time to provide long text explaining my point, get a lot of up votes and you can't take the fact that I'm right so you decide to remove the whole thing. I will stop here because I don't want to offend you. Goodbye.
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In my opinion price depends on what server you play. I don't know prices on non pvp serves but I know items there are cheaper. I have few fansite items so I can tell you price of my items. Crunor's Heart  cost 350kk - 400kk, panther doll  250 - 350kk, assassin doll  200kk - 300kk, black knight doll  130kk - 250kk, shield of destiny  150kk - 200kk, music box  50kk, pigeon trophy 50kk, royal medal 15kk - 20kk.

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Yes that's true + is impossible to put fansite items on market so we can't check higest, middle and lowest price.
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These are the perfect prices for these items, but unfortunately they are not very up-to-date. I know you bought them a long time ago, maybe you know their current value? or at least how much can the suggestions be worth?
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I updated my answer but these prices it's my subjective opinion.
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Recently I've seen The Epic Wisdom  on EU non-PvP for 130kk.