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i m thinking about selling an Armillary Sphere, and i don't know how much i can get selling the item.

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The Tibia Collection Fansite offers a great guide for pricing Fansite items such as the Armillary Sphere. The recommended value of the sphere per the website is 9,000 Tibia Coins. Of course this is just a guide and supply/demand on different servers can cause the item to fluctuate. I have added a link to the Fansite below for you.

-One time answer update-

I am updating the link for the fansite below. If for some reason the link does not work, please use their menu option and select the drop down for “Rares” and then select the “Supported Fansite” section to further view. Sorry for any inconvenience.


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Hey this link isn't working for me
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I’m surprised it isn’t working. I just clicked it and it took me to the fansite web page like always. That’s interesting.

Editing to add: I see what you mean. They must have updated their domain. It still takes you to their website, just not the specific page I had initially added on there.