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What is the price for an Omniscient Owl if I want to buy or sell one?

If possible, I want the price in gold coins currency.

Similar to what was asked on this thread https://www.tibiaqa.com/4136/what-is-the-price-of-golden-rune-emblems?show=4136#q4136

The answer related to this subject might change for more or less later in the future, but I want an initial price range for it.

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The prices of rares change on a daily basis so I will try my best to update this if I see someone selling their owl. I am going based on what I read on the forums and also on what I'm told. I will estimate now the price of the average is anywhere from 130kk-150kk. This makes perfect sense because a lot of players are playing Tibia and are interested in rares, especially for the beautiful Omnisicent Owl.

  1. 15.10.2019: Lu Gum sold her owl for 130kk in Antica to Aatypowy Anachoretaa
  2. 23.03.2020: Tynusiiaa was selling an owl start bid 150kk on Antica but ended up keeping owl
  3. 18.04.2020: Vlad Helsing/Vamp Collector claims he purchased the owl for 130kk in Antica but he doesn't remember from who and it's not listed on this thread
  4. 09.05.2020: Vlad Helsing sold his owl for 150kk in Pacera to Spicy Mayo
  5. On 29.04.2020 Hakai Mage was getting offers on his owl and he created another thread 13.08.2020: Hakai Mage sold it for 150kk in Secura talked to him and confirmed this
  6. 05.09.2020: Boxer Antica Merchant sold owl for 150kk in Antica to Edgar Mex
  7. 23.12.2020 Boxer Antica Merchant sold owl for 150kk in Kenora to Omniscient Owl (Shawtay)

As we know, the Omniscient Owl is the Tibia fansite item for TibiaQA! Here are some related questions-

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1 person sell it for atypowy, but for divine'angel. 2. not true. I decided to don't want sell my owls. 3.  yuki faith also sold her owl, friend told me that she sold for 150kk but idk. some ppl offer me for long time 150kk but i don't want sell owls.
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Just kept this part "Tynusiiaa was selling an owl start bid 150kk on Antica but ended up keeping owl"
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yes, but the low price wasn't reason. I just keep my item ;3
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I wanted to sell one (as you probably You know, I have two) because I was robbed, but for the price 150kk hadn't interesed players... but I wasn't looking too intensively, after week I decided to keep owl and looking for other profits.

I know that one on Antica was sold for 130kk (first except for authors and admin) and the other for 100kk (in supposedly 3 minutes, but idk)
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Interesting! I was actually going to sell one on Antica. I was thinking about something near 150 kk too, but maybe nowadays 100 kk might be more realistic due to less gold influx after changes on monsters and etc... Maybe.

Also, very sad that you got robbed! Hopefully you will get a good price for the Owl in the future!
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Ellotris Guardian sold his Owl?
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Hm.. no... I meant except admin and author. As I remember Trululu Gumdrops sold it for Divine'Angel.

@FPoPP I think many people don't know owls that well yet. At the view of items in my house I hear "wow, you have bunnyslippers" and owl no one has any comments haha. I hope it will change, they are beautiful :) 100kk I think that you shoul sell it fast, higher price you have to wait. I had buyer for 150kk but didn't have enough cash then.
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