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Where did the idea come from that the Omniscient Owl is the mascot of TibiaQA? Or why do they define the owl as the fansites pet? Is there any history?

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TibiaQA's Fansite item design contest was hosted in early 2019 and the user Pochwalona who is also known as Makadamia in Tibia created the Omniscient Owl. latest?cb=20190701193638&path-prefix=en&format=original This is the reasoning behind why she picked the Owl to symbolize the fansite TibiaQA-

A symbol of huge knowledge whole over the world is definitely an Owl. It was my first thought. Simple, clear and nice idea. I decided to create a mascot for TibiaQA.com in my favourite 3D style, not just view from the front of the item.

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