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Wicked Witch  is a fansite Wicked Witch item, which represents TibiaLabs.com. I was wondering who is the creator of the item and what is the background story of this item?

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So cutee!! Its new? Never seen it before
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Yes, it is new:) and super adorable!

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Creator of Wicked Witch ia Aynnah, who won the first place in Fansite Item Contest which took place between 18.05 and 21.06.2020.

Since in TibiaLabs logo that time was an emoji - mage/wizard a lot of participants were inspired and made graphics of Wizard Doll.

Since there were already a lot of wizard dolls (Including mine) and I still wanted make a doll I went for a Female one.

source: discord submissions thread

Aynnah said, she wanted to create a female doll and as confirmed by the admin - Wedzy it is something that makes this doll unique :)

Before implementing the doll into the game Aynnah improved the animation.