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As we know Adamant Shield is an oficial fansite item from TibiaLife and the author of this item is Makadamia (Pochwalona). But what is the history of this item?

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Interesting that you asked this today. Just right now TibiaLife launched a fanfic telling the history of how the Adamant Shield was forged. I'll leave the link to all 7 chapters here, if you want to read the whole content, but in resume:

Adamant shield was created as a fan site item on september 11th 2018 by Makadamia. It is a shield supposed to be used against evil forces and only held by experienced adventurers who have their heart pure. 

It was forged by Uzgod and Pydar using the magic diamonds that were discovered by Nicolas and his explorer team inside a magic temple of the Astral Shapers hidden in Kazordoon Dwarven Mines.

While the chronicles of its forging was divided in chapters, TibiaLife promoted a contest in order to help them get the poem with the instructions on how to obtain the diamonds. The contestants would have to use the words bravery, diamond, magic and soul and the winner would receive an adamant shield as a reward.

Fun fact: I got the second place and received a blue sphere cheeky

Here are all chapters (portuguese and english), so you can read the whole history, if you'd like:

chapter 1

chapter 2

chapter 3

chapter 4

chapter 5

chapter 6

chapter 7 (last one)

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What an useful information! Do you know what was the original contest? I'd like to add this to my answer, if it's okay to you
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No, I dont remember. But im pretty sure, because when the item won the first place I asked it in the Facebook of TibiaLife (Abouts what's the idea between merge a shield with the idea of TibiaLife?) and they deleted the comment (In two times) XD
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Interesting information. Maybe someone knows this story and will say something more about it.
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I created the item in 2016 for fun and to develop my skills. Since the result was satisfactory I decided to take part in the TibiaTV.com.br contest for a fansite item by publishing this shield. Unfortunately, this contest was not won by anyone and the admin decided to choose a previously designed doll now known as "Citizen Doll" for the item representing his fansite.

Soon after, the TibiaLife.com.br Fansite Item Contest was announced. At first, the premise was to design a book. I published both the book sprite and this shield. Personally, I really liked the sprite and believed that it could gain recognition in the eyes of others. Adamant Shield won the contest, which started lots of hatred and accusations of plagiarism from Amazon Shield. To this day, I still don't see the similarities between these sprites, but I'm glad that the shield is still liked by players despite the years. :)

I think it's worth adding that originally the shield had no lore created by me. It was simply meant to be a highly decorative item, part of the armor on one hand, and an item associated with gemstones and gold on the other. Both the sounds and the lore for this item are the responsibility of the TibiaLife.com.br crew!

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