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Crunor's Heart is a fansite item, which represents TIbiaBosses.com. Definitely the main theme of this fansite are bosses, which we can face in Tibia.

The first thought may be, that the fansite item should be strictly related to the bosses, but why a rose?

If there is any particular reason, then it must be contained in Crunor's Heart history. Do you know something about it?

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I searched this information by myself, so I don't know why it amuses you. I knew there was no information about two winnings. I could even list current rose holders because they have changed. I watch such things. if it deserves that much downvotes then okay, for me my answer is fine and complements yours.
Hi Tynusiiaa,

Since you follow and watch those things, you very first reply could have been much better, is it not right?
I personally did not down-vote your answer as it has been updated (eventually), however, at this point it might be coming from how people reacts to your attitude.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall..
who's the most arrogant of them all?
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of course, my answer can be better... but in my opinion many answers on this site are copied-pasted after the first answer and the answers here haven't been so criticized. I think this includes envy and the fact that people are prejudiced against me. they take revenge because I think I'm their enemy think they know me based on questions and answers. truthfulness and directness are often mistaken for rudeness. I have good intentions, it comes out differently. you can be who you want in internet, others can also create opinion about you as they want. this isn't always true. I'd like to be confident enough to be able to being arrogant but unfortunately I'm not :) I'll delete my answer, although I don't think it is bad enough - I corrected it and thought it was okay, even if I did not recommend the text manually. Repeatedly read the site quality improvement and I still try to help, but I don't feel like negative situations. it's sad that the battle for points can make people different. guys, don't take me as enemy because I'm not. I won't apologize for being honest. that's a good feature.

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Representative Item of Tibia fansite: Tibiabosses.com

Designed/Invented By: Licad (Dacil) from Talera (currently Quintera) to Tibiabosses.com for fansite item contest (Winner of the contest) ; 

Submitted: 22 April 2018 ;

Created by: Lupus Aurelius (Talera) ;

Implemented in Tibia: Tibia version 12.00, 3rd December 2018 ;

Description and story of the item written by Licad: This Frozen Rose hide inside a warm heart which can be seen only for pure and brave hearts warriors. The heart of Crunos lives inside.


Uman united himself with the earth, which we know as Tibia. And the earth bore him Crunor, the first tree. Crunor was full of charm and vitality. Also he loved his own shape and possessed the gift of modesty. Inspired by the creation he bore from itself all the plants, small and large. And they spread out on the body of mother Tibia, like a dress - it was a delight to see.

One day Crunor beginning to feels that something was growing out of him... He could not explain what it was... however, he could feel the beauty of it due to the warmth it provides. As the days passed, Crunor felt that soon he would witness the most beautiful creation that his eyes could see and that his hands could create. The day had arrived and Crunor knew it... without being able to explain it... he felt it was time, suddenly something bright began to come out from inside him... it was not big... but not very small... it was the most beautiful thing that could exist in that moment either in Tibia... finally the bright light vanished and in front of Crunor it showed up his heart, it was his heart represented in the most beautiful Rose that you can imagine... A beauty shinning and her color were as warm as Crunor's own heart. However, fear ran through Crunor... what would happen if someone stole it? His beauty was not equal to anything... and fearing this Crunor began to think what to do... where could hide it...

It was a dark night only illuminated by the light of that beautiful rose... and suddenly and although nothing seemed to foresee that such devastation would seize Crunor, a malicious group of goblins that prowled the neighborhood almost haunted by the brightness of the rose was approaching stealthily... suddenly it was gone, it had disappeared... not even its wolves could help.

It is said that Crunor can feel how part of him is frozen, and that at the same sometimes he can feel the heat of her still alive.

Details of the story can be heard by the murmurs of the ancient trees that inhabit Fae, who lament the sadness that their loss causes to Crunor. It is said that the rose fell from the pockets of one of these little bandits while they were trying to escape from a helidear snowstorm that was passing through the Southern Ice Islands while committing one of their many misdeeds.

As for the rose, fell among the snow of one of the Southern Ice Isles... half freeze and with almost nothing of its bright light... suddenly it was taken by some warm hands... but it was late its light little by little vanished... the cold covered it, but from time to time the cold ice leaves it and it shines again and show its beauty to those who protect it.

The destiny of the rose for Crunor is uncertain, nevertheless happy Yetis, a not very sight criatures… have being seeing more than before… apparently they are custoding something with ferocity... perhaps and who knows is what's Crunors has lose?

(taken from https://www.tibiabosses.com/forum/topic/idea-for-fansite-item-contest-submissions-thread/?part=10)

Info about item: You see a Frozen Rose. It weighs 7.00 oz. The Inner feels warm there resides the heart of Crunor. Awarded by TibiaBosses.com

You see Crunor Rosenheart. It weighs 7.00 oz. It is the true and reliable heart of Crunor, it represents purity on Earth. Awarded by TibiaBosses.com


  • Lupus Aurelius (Talera) - item creator
  • Licad (Quintera) - item inventor
  • Makadamia (Bona) - TibiaBosses staff member
  • Bosst (Bona) - TibiaBosses staff member
  • Xizyy (Gentebra) - TibiaBosses staff member
  • Mogh (Bona) - TibiaBosses staff member
  • Mad Def (Harmonia) - TibiaBosses staff member
  • Maracu (Lobera) - winner of the screenshot contest in 2018
  • Dark Black Magician (Celebra) - winner of video contest in 2018  
  • Suzy Kill(Quintera)- Winner of Dress up like a boss contest in 2019
  • Hunter of Dragoes(Celesta)- winner of screenshot contest in 2019  
  • Sacros Arturt (Quintera) Winner of Deadly Boss Weapon contest in 2020

It is highlighted that Crunor's Heart is a Unique, Beautiful, Rare Item. Tibiabosses.com is a website for those who farm bosses, collectors of Rare, beautiful items. 

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Great answer, thank you :)
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I deleted my answer, but I hope you aren't angry of decorative effects and highlights in the text to make it look clearer.
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