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Recently there where few new fansite items added to the game, and one of them included Baby Munster Baby Munster (Activated) which is awarded by Rookie.com.plI wanted to gather some more information about the items - creator, history etc. 

Do you know history of this item? 

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Well, I created this item (Makadamia), so please don't get me wrong like it's over-bragging, because it's not my intention :(

History behind Baby Munster is quite simple. The Fansite Item Contest took place between 01.05 and 31.05.2020. I wanted to design two entries. One in a very classic medieval style, so I created Rookgaardian Insignia and another one, which may represent something specific, that we can find only on Rookgaard. First thought was Cipfriend, I tried it but I wasn't satisfied with the result. So I tried to create a very popular doll of boss known only from Rook - Munster!Firstly it was much lighter, finally i make 4 color versions:

Since final doll looks more friendly and kinda "cute" i decided to call it BABY Munster.

Most of sounds the doll makes are so cool thanks to Bosst, who made them.

Hail Rookie.com.pl!
Stay on Rookgaard, it’s so funny here!
Let’s play with me, <player>!
I wanna be a big boss when I grow up!
Hail to the Rookgaard!

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Congratulations and well done
It is not "over-bragging"! You should be proud of your work which is as always exceptional :)
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