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I need to know how much this item is worth:

23:32 You see a Banor doll.
It weighs 38.00 oz.
Imbued with the undying soul of the first human, it bestows the might of the gods to its owner. Awarded by TibiArt.net.

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Hello, Brunin!

It is quite hard to esteem the value of such kind of items, since they are really rare and can't be sold on market.

For coincidence, today a brazilian youtuber served as a broker for a Banor doll. It was sold for 40k TC.

You can see here the whole video.

But please take in account that this does not mean that is the correct value of the item. It may vary depending on how many people wanna sell it and how many people wanna buy it.

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I think that he is the one in the youtube video his username here is the same as the char in the video, so he already found out the price for his doll :x
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Oh, true! A real Sherlock here haha
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